Share Your Feedback

We are seeking your input on concepts that have changed since we last shared them in 2021.

Since we last reached out to the community in spring 2021, we’ve been reviewing your comments and conducting more technical analyses to help inform the design of the project corridor. Based on those results, we’ve made updates to the preliminary design concepts for Westlake Ave N, Fremont Ave N, and the intersection of Leary Way NW and 15th Ave NW. We chose these areas specifically based on:

  • Community feedback gathered during spring 2021 outreach
  • Additional traffic analyses and more detailed design considerations
  • Our project goals of increasing speed and reliability for Route 40 and enhancing safety

View our other design concepts

The design concepts for the rest of the corridor have not changed since we last showed them to the community in 2021, so we will not be asking for feedback on those design concepts at this time. If you’d like to see the preliminary design concepts for the rest of the project area, you can view those designs on our project website.

This form is currently closed for submissions.