More About TPMC

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and King County Metro (Metro) are partnering on multiple Transit-Plus Multimodal Corridor (TPMC) Projects to improve bus reliability, reduce transit travel times, and enhance pedestrian safety and access in Seattle. In addition to Route 40, we are also planning improvements to Route 48. Construction for routes 7 and 44 is currently underway.

A transit user boards a Route 40 bus in downtown Seattle.

Route 40 buses help get you where you need to go.

TPMC projects aim to:

Make bus trips faster and more reliable, now and in the future

  • Reduce bus travel times, especially during peak traffic hours by minimizing traffic-related delays.
  • Keep buses moving reliably, especially during peak traffic hours and when major disruptions occur.
  • Implement improvements that protect buses from increased levels of congestion and support planned Rapid Ride upgrades.

Make it safer and easier to get to and on the bus

  • Make safety improvements for people walking and biking to the bus.
  • Improve accessibility for all bus riders, regardless of age or ability.
  • Maintain and repair streets, sidewalks, and bus stops to support bus access.

Advance program objectives in a way that responds to community needs and priorities

  • Work with the community and stakeholders to evaluate investments that align with the program objectives.
  • Utilize the City’s Race and Social Justice Initiative framework to evaluate and advance equitable outcomes.

Fulfill Levy to Move Seattle commitments

  • Deliver upon the 2018 Levy Assessment commitments.
  • Coordinate with King County Metro and other SDOT programs to ensure efficient delivery of projects while managing risks.

Want to learn about our other TPMC projects?

Visit our project websites: Route 7 | ​Route 44 | ​Route 48

Map of Seattle Transit-Plus Multimodal Network

Seattle Transit-Plus Multimodal Network

An illustrated map of the Seattle Transit-Plus Multimodal Network. It shows RapidRide G, H, and J lines, Routes 7, 44, 40, and 48 transit-Plus Lines, existing RapidRide lines, Link Light Rail, and Seattle Streetcar.

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 RapidRide Lines
Madison – G Line
Delridge – H Line
Roosevelt – J Line

 Transit-Plus Lines
Route 7 (Rainier)
Route 44 (Market)
Route 40 (Fremont)
Route 48 (23rd)

Other Transit

 Existing RapidRide Line

 Link Light Rail

 Seattle Streetcar

To view or download a PDF version of the map, click here.

Please visit our webpage for more information on TPMC projects.